2nd Newsletter

This is the second newsletter of the World University Sailing Championship 2020.

The event will be held in CAMPIONE del GARDA (Italy) from June 30th to July 4th, 2020 organized by the “Univela Sailing” in cooperation with the “CUS Centro Universitario Sportivo” University of Trento and CUS Centro Universitario Sportivo” University of Brescia.

In the last month, the O.C. sent the Invitation Letter to all National Organizations of University Sports.

Every delegation (National University Sports Federation) interested has to register their athletes online https://accreditation.fisu.net/Pages/Home.aspx

The steps to follow before the event are:

  • General form: -6 months > 30th December 2019
  • Quantitative form: -3 months > 30th March 2020
  • Individual form: -1 month > 30th May 2020


We remind all interested sailors, teams and National Organizations that the deadline for general entries is the 29th of December 2019. Time is getting short.


This process has to be performed by your National Organization via the FISU accreditation system available at https://accreditation.fisu.net/Pages/Home.aspx

Please get in touch with your National Federation of the University Sports (or similar authority) for enrolment to the event.

The Championship Opening Ceremony will be held on 29th June and the operations are done on the waters of the Lake Garda that is situated 70 mt above sea level and it’s one of the most famous locations of the world for sailing from 30th June.

Campione del Garda and Lake Garda are situated in the north part of Italy, just 1 hour driving from major airport and 30 Km away from Riva del Garda, 60 Km away from Brescia and 100 Km away from Verona.

Each team must consist of two female sailors and two male sailors. Each team can choose roles at their will.

The teams will be hosted in rooms for 2 or 4 people at UNIVELA with full-board.

The transportation from Verona and Bergamo Airport is provided by the O.C.

The winds on the lakes are the Ora, typical wind of Garda, but not as strong as those on north Lake Garda, making Match Races and Team Races very interesting due to the reliability and strengths of the wind, the extent of sailable hours per day and the absolute lack of waves and tide.

The O.C. will provide boats type JBoat 70 equalized for Match / Team Race.

The race area will be in front of Univela Campione del Garda.


29th June 2020: Day 0 Registration, Opening Ceremony
30th June 2020: Day 1 Qualifying Round
1st July 2020: Day 2 Qualifying Round
2nd July 2020: Day 3 Qualifying Round
3rt July 2020: Day 4 Semi-finals
4th July 2020: Day 5 Finals, king of the Castle – Closing Ceremony

More details of the WUC Sailing 2020 are in the first newsletter already with invitation letter available on the event web site wuc-sailing2020.com.


You can download the pdf version of this newsletter using this link NEWSLETTER-2

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